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Monday, June 27, 2011

Thrift Store FInds


Yay! I am back from Louisiana/Georgia Visit. Wonderful time with family. Here is one of the quilts that came in a box of quilt tops and blocks from Angel Antiques and Flea Barn in Opelika, Alabama. I met Mike at the Front Porch of the South (thrift/antique mall in Columbus Georgia)who told me he had a booth at Angel Antiques that had a box of quilty things. So as soon as we had a break in the action (weddings, rehearsals, fathers day celebrations, etc.)we hightailed it to Alabama and had a great time wandering around this (huge) mall. CANNOT be done in one day. Anyway, follow quilt link to see the other quilt tops that were in the box. There were 5 completed tops, 2 sets of blocks to make 2 more tops and other blocks for a 3rd incomplete top (these were mostly hand pieced). There were also the quilters home-made templates from paper bags and newspaper (one dated 1957). I paid $26 for the entire box and its contents. SCORE!
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  1. How come I never come across deals like this?!
    Good for you!