Texas Hillcountry during springtime. Hello reason I live here!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I juat typed this blog about all that I have been doing for last several months. I even included photos which took a while to gather from my online albums, computer and phone. Aaaaggghhhh, I feel so challenged right now. Well to sum it up..March I started a booth in a Craft/Antique mall. Loving it. April acquired a LOT of vintage calicos from an estate sale. May traveled with mom and my youngest son to Alabama for my (51 year old) little sisters graduation from nursing school. Yay Clarisse! Way to NOT give up on your dream! Great time but a really quick trip. Yes we did stop at several Antique/Thrift stores along the way. Yes I did fill my trunk with lots of treasures. We were blessed to be invited to the Primeaux crayfish boil on the return trip through Louisiana.
Ok, I will try and re attach photos.

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