Texas Hillcountry during springtime. Hello reason I live here!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow! What a busy summer... The grand kids moved here from Boston and we hit the floor running. It has been non stop this summer. Since the Charleston trip I made in March, I made two trips to Louisiana and another to Arkansas. Yes, of course I hit the Antique/Thrift stores. I had a good month in August in my booth at the Alamo Craft Company. I sold furniture, quilts and bric-a-brac. My friend in South Africa is sending some of the quilts made in her church for me to place in the booth to help support their ministry. My daughter and I have branched out and we are enjoying furniture refinishing as well as mosaic tile crafts. I am still quilting but as you know that can be slow going. Here are a few pics of the summer...

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